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Campaign Conections


    • Clay has worked, lived and has been an activist for Kansas City most of his adult life.

      His passion for Kansas City has led him to run for mayor of his beloved city...
    • For never holding office Clay has accomplished more than many elected officials. Clay Chastain is the choice to lead KC.

      ·    Saved Union Station from demolition
      ·    Led the only voter approved light rail plan
      ·    Stood up to city hall and government corruption
      ·    Always stands up for the people of Kansas City
    • Sly James your current mayor... sleeping on the job.

      ·    Pushed through a frivolous street car system,        nobody wanted.
      ·    Supports glitzy projects for the wealthy i.e.,new        airport terminal, billion dollar downtown hotel.
      ·    Uses boss-style politics to subvert the        democratic process.


    About Clay

    Clay Chastain is running for mayor to use innovative ideas to create jobs, develop a second to none transportation system, and end the cronyism in our governmental offices. Clay will govern openly and honestly with our citizens, work to improve our schools, lower crime within our city and energize our economy to foster a new prosperity for our city.

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