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About Clay

Clay for Mayor of Kansas City


This is a personal communication from me to the people of Kansas City.  After all, I am asking you to change captains and put me at the helm of our ship with 470,000 passengers on board.

I seek to take charge of our heralded ship that has infrastructure issues, disgruntled passengers, frightening violence on board, and is languishing in the doldrums.

I aim to fix what ails our city and get it moving toward a favorable destination...a more safe, prosperous, and transit-oriented city.

* But who am I?

A solid leader.  A trustworthy captain who in many ways is just like you in wanting a safer better Kansas City for my family and yours.

An action-oriented leader who seeks extraordinary accomplishment so the people can live a more safe rewarding life, and be proud to live in Kansas City. 

* What will I fix first and what will it do for you?

Kansas City cannot grow and prosper (nor be a great place to live) without a modern, attractive, and well-functioning public transportation system.  An exciting citywide rail-based transit system will not only save people time, money, and hassle in getting to jobs and major destinations, but will also serve as an economic catalyst attracting back to the city new residents, commerce, business, and JOBS.

Nowadays, people shopping for a house expect it to have a modern convenient kitchen.  Likewise, young urban professionals, businesses, and conventions shopping for a new place to live and do business expect a city to have a first class, environmentally sound transit system.

The vision then is to grow and prosper the city around this new light rail-based transit system ( a north south train line connecting the central city to the northland and KCI, and headquartered at Union Station) that will (over time)generate new tax revenues with which the city can then use to address its other infrastructure and neighborhood needs.

Such a fabulous rail line (connecting our city's major destinations, job center, and our northland to the southland) will make our transit system go and our city prosper. 

Here are the reasons why I would be a great mayor for Kansas City and deserve your vote:

  • I am honest and will govern in behalf of the people's best interest, and not any special interest, i.e. developers, the wealthy and the well connected.

  • I will not only apply innovative solutions to address all our city's issues, I will also seek to launch a large capital improvement project (the light rail-based transit system) that will create immediate jobs, stimulate citywide economic development, and pave the way toward a brighter future for Kansas City.

  • I have the personal attributes to inspire others to work with me and follow my vision.

  • Unlike our current mayor, I do not support glitzy projects that mostly benefit wealthy developers including a new single terminal airport, a new $1 billion downtown hotel, and a frivolous downtown streetcar system.

  • I will increase public safety and not tolerate Kansas City's high violent crime rate (Kansas City was recently ranked by the FBI as America's tenth most dangerous city).

I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked and lived in Kansas City for most of my adult life.  I have never been afraid to look outside City Hall—or beyond the borders of KC—for inspiration and input. I have worked in Bedford, Virginia running a landscape and design business.  If elected I would liquidate my outside business ventures and work full time in Kansas City as your city's next mayor, with 100% focus on the problems and opportunities facing our city.

I need your support and your vote because my faith in God tells me I will be a great mayor for the people of Kansas City.

Clay Chastain